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We hope you find what you're looking for here. Please call us at (303) 306-4321 for more information or (303) 306-4329 to schedule an appointment with a provider.

IPC/Senior Care of Colorado provides high-quality, personalized medical care designed especially for older adults throughout the Denver Metro area and beyond.

We care for our patients in our clinics, as well as select retirement communities, assisted living, rehabilitation, and skilled nursing centers. We work with specialists and hospitalists who provide expert day-to-day hospital care. And in certain Denver Metro area hospitals, those physicians are part of our own IPC family.

Our goal as clinicians is to maximize our patients’ quality of life and ability to function well. And respecting the patient’s individual wishes and desires is an important part of that process. Sometimes that even means reducing the number of medications they’re taking. Or gaining a thorough understanding of the psycho-social issues that affect their lives.


"Finally, I've found a doctor who listens to me and involves me in making good, informed choices about my medical care."

Having trouble finding a physician who will see new Medicare patients?

We always welcome and accept assignment for Medicare and other insurance plans. Click here for more details.

We understand that smooth transitions of care are especially critical for older adults. So we have dedicated Care Coordinators on our team who collaborate with our patients, their families, facilities and providers to pave the way.

Our dedicated doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and other clinicians are specially-trained in geriatrics and work in close cooperation with one another.

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Need to have a prescription refilled? We have a dedicated phone line staffed exclusively to handle those calls.

Phone us at (303) 306-4304.

Our clinics are conveniently located in the Denver/Aurora Metro area.

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IPC/Senior Care of Colorado offers a unique, dynamic and collaborative working environment for physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and other medical and office professionals who are passionate about caring for seniors.

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Our providers regularly write articles on topics of interest to older adults.

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We offer 24-hour/7-day telephone coverage provided by our own skilled practitioners.

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Some of the most tangible joys in life can come from the physical affection that pets display for their owners. Positive, mood-boosting benefits accompany these moments...

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Welcome to IPC/Senior Care of Colorado!


We're glad you've found us, and we're eager to share information about our unique practice with you. Whether you're looking for a physician, are the family member or caregiver of a senior patient, or are a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant looking for the perfect employment opportunity, this is the place for you.

Since our inception in 2001, the IPC/Senior Care of Colorado practice has been committed to caring for patients with services that span the full spectrum of care. No matter where you receive your care, you will experience the same guiding philosophy and the shared dedication of our providers who remain in constant communication with one another, our patients and families, and your family physician or specialist. From one care setting to another, we care for our patients and work with family members, caregivers, and other healthcare providers across settings to ensure smooth and personalized transitions. We know that a comprehensive team approach means good patient care. It provides the framework for care that’s personal as much as it is personalized. And ultimately, this same relationship is present with patients wherever they go, and at whatever location they choose within IPC/SCOC care network.

At IPC/Senior Care of Colorado, we:

  • Welcome and accept assignment for Medicare and other insurance plans.
  • Offer 24-hour/7-day telephone coverage provided by our own skilled practitioners.
  • Have conveniently located clinics in the Denver Metro area.
  • Visit patients in numerous retirement communities, assisted living, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation centers.

We invite you to browse our website where you can learn more about us, request an appointment , or just ask a question .


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Featured Physician

Ashwini Reddy, MD


“It’s vital to establish a relationship of trust with my patients, then we can collaborate on their care. I give them all the medical information they need and my recommendations. I want to empower them to determine the best course of action based on their individual circumstances and lifestyle.”


Featured Article

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably accumulated more medical issues and concerns than you had earlier in life--some acute, some chronic; some may be serious and others may simply be nagging little problems. For many folks, it can seem like there’s never enough quality time with the doctor to talk about everything. So I’d like to give you some pointers, from a physician’s perspective, about how you can work with your clinician to make the most out of every visit.
First things first. It is extremely helpful if you plan ahead for your visit by making a list of everything you’d like to discuss with your provider. You may wish to keep it on the refrigerator or by your chair so you can easily add things as you think of them. A day or two prior to your visit, go through your list and prioritize—pick the top two or three issues that are absolutely the most important to you. While there may be six or ten things on your list, it’s likely the clinician will only have time to address a few items at each visit. Don’t forget to bring your list along, and be sure to give it to your provider up front, at the beginning of the visit, so they’re aware of your concerns.
I suggest the following order of importance:
Bring up any new symptoms, concerns, or questions that you have not discussed previously.
If you’re not following orders or taking your medications as directed for some reason, absolutely let the physician know!
If there’s something the provider is already aware of that has recently become a greater concern to you, let him/her know.
Although you may not get to them in this visit, include any other things you’d like to talk about at the bottom of your list.
I don’t want to upset dad. If you are the spouse, son/daughter, or other family member of the patient who has concerns about your loved one, you may wish to communicate them to the clinician in private. For example, perhaps your mom or your husband tends to be in denial and gloss over symptoms that worry you. And you know from experience that bringing it up in front of the doctor will only make matters worse. In this case, it’s ideal for you to write a letter or a note to the physician ahead of the appointment so they are armed with the information needed to tactfully approach the situation. You can do this whether or not you are present at the appointment. It’s a reasonable and helpful way to voice your concerns.
You know, doc, I was wondering…It used to be that the physician’s word was taken as gospel and never questioned. Today, patients are becoming savvier and learning about their health from a variety of sources: discussions with friends, magazines, television, and especially the Internet. As a result of this wealth of information, it is possible that you may have questions about a medication, course of treatment, or advice your provider has given you. As a physician, I think this is fantastic! I love it when my patients are curious and ask questions about my recommendations. Ultimately, your health and well-being are your responsibility, and only you know what it’s like to live inside your body. So it’s very appropriate for you to probe until your concerns are adequately addressed and you feel comfortable with the information you’ve been given. This is especially true if, for whatever reasons, you’ve decided not to “follow doctor’s orders” with regard to medications.
I’ve come to understand over the years that some patients can feel intimidated or worried about pushing back or asking too many questions. If you are hesitant to have an open discussion with your clinician on any topic that is on your mind, one approach is to put your questions and concerns in writing. This may make the situation more comfortable both for you and for the provider. It’s a good way to get the discussion going and take it to a deeper level.
This is going to take awhile. If there is a “big,” yet non-urgent, item on your laundry list of health issues (e.g., incontinence, diabetes control, dementia concerns), let your physician know and ask if you can spend some significant time on it at your next appointment. Most providers are pleased to spend time educating you about the condition and the treatment options and helping you figure out what it means for your life. With a bit of advance notice, your clinician can properly plan and schedule for this type of appointment instead of rushing to squeeze it into a regular follow-up visit.
Be sensitive to your hard-working clinician. Now, in the Senior Care practice, because we’re set up to see only older adults, our providers are usually able to spend plenty of time with each patient (especially if they know ahead of time that you have extra or special concerns to address). Many primary care providers (family practitioners and internists), however, especially in rural areas, do not have that luxury and may only be able to spend 15 minutes or so with each patient. When this is the case, it’s essential that you, the patient or family member, are realistic, understanding, recognize the physician’s time constraints, and set expectations accordingly with a prioritized list. There will always be another opportunity at your next appointment to get to the additional items you want to discuss.
So, how do you make the most of every visit? Plan ahead for your appointment, prioritize your list of issues, and communicate openly and honestly with your primary care provider.How to Make the Most Out of Every Medical Visit
By Donald Murphy M.D.
Co-Founder, Senior Care of Colorado, PC

Plan, Prioritize, and Communicate

How to Make the Most of Every Medical Visit

iStock 000004826482SmallIf you’re like most people, you’ve probably accumulated more medical issues and concerns than you had earlier in life--some acute, some chronic; some may be serious and others may simply be nagging little problems. For many folks, it can seem like there’s never enough quality time with the doctor to talk about everything. So we’d like to give you some pointers, from a physician’s perspective, about how you can work with your clinician to make the most out of every visit.


Featured Other Provider

Karina Gebhart, MMS, PA-C


"I truly enjoy spending time with my patients, addressing their questions and helping them understand what's going on. I feel really lucky to be doing this work."